The Vice Squad Pod #5 (The Sugar War)

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This week on The Vice Squad Podcast, author Rick Porrello writes about his own family’s organized crime history in Cleveland, Ohio as his grandfather and great uncles waged a war with their former friends and fellow bootleggers, the Lonardo brothers. It was all over corn sugar, which was used to make booze during prohibition in America. Make sure to like this video and subscribe to our show for future episodes, airing bi-weekly, taking deep dives into individual criminals and crimes from the Youngstown/Cleveland/Pittsburgh region.

This episode was written by Rick Porrello, produced by Johnny Chechitelli & Jimmy Naples, narrated by Vince Guerrieri and edited by Jeff Kraus. It’s a production of Amazing Podcast Company and is sponsored by Youngstown Tile. For spectacular flooring, go bold, go local, go Youngstown Tile. And by Rick Porrello’s latest book, “There’s More Bodies Out There” available now on Thanks to Pat Palma for our amazing artwork. © Vice Squad Podcast LLC (2023)

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