The Vice Squad Pod #3 (The Jungle Inn)

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The Vice Squad Podcast Episode 3: The Jungle Inn. There was once a place in Trumbull County Ohio, just outside of Youngstown city limits, called Halls Corners, which was “conceived in infamy!” according to Youngstown Police Chief Eddie Allen. Halls Corners was a tiny, unincorporated township created solely for the purpose of operating a casino called The Jungle Inn. A mob run establishment for years, The Jungle Inn was operated by twin brothers John & Mike Farah on behalf of the Cleveland crime family, until the whole operation was eventually closed by state liquor agents (by order of the Governor) on August 12, 1949.

This episode was written by and narrated by Vince Guerrieri, produced by Johnny Chechitelli & Jimmy Naples, edited by Johnny Chechitelli, and executive produced by Rick Porrello, Johnny Chechitelli, Jimmy Naples and Vince Guerrieri. It’s a production of Amazing Podcast Company and is sponsored by Prima Cucina Italiana in downtown Youngstown. Thanks to Pat Palma for our amazing artwork. © Vice Squad Podcast LLC (2023)

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Episode 3