The Vice Squad Pod #6 (The Life & Death of Jimmy Munsene)

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On this week’s episode of The Vice Squad Podcast, James Mancini, aka “Big Jimmy” Munsene was the first notoriouscrime boss of Ohio’s Trumbull County. Munsene controlled gambling in the county and had clubs as far away as Atlantic City, NJ before he was gunned down in cold blood, along with his nephew, in Warren on March 24, 1941. He famously went on trial for the same act of bribery on three separate occasions, even hiring the country’s most famous trial lawyer, Clarence Darrow, to represent him. Once Munsene was killed, stronger organized crime interests took control of Trumbull County, and ruled it for decades, not far from Youngstown, Ohio aka Crimetown, USA.

This episode was written and narrated by Vince Guerrieri. It was produced by Johnny Chechitelli & Jimmy Naples, edited by Jeff Kraus and executive produced by Chechitelli, Naples, Guerrieri and Rick Porrello. Thank you to our Vice Squad Pod sponsors Youngstown Tile. For spectacular flooring… go bold, go local… go Youngstown Tile. And by “There’s More Bodies Out There” the new true crime book by Rick Porrello, available now at

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