The Vice Squad Pod #2 (The Torso Murders)

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The Vice Squad Podcast Episode 2: The Torso Murders. From Cleveland to Youngstown to Pittsburgh, a serial killer
wreaked havoc along the railyards from the 1920s to the 1940s. Sometimes known as “The Mad Butcher,” this murderer
chopped up his victims and left them for police or passers-by to find. Despite best efforts from detectives in Ohio and
Pennsylvania, the killer was never caught. Not even famed lawman Eliot Ness could solve the case and bring the “Mad
Butcher” to justice.

This episode was written by and narrated by Vince Guerrieri, produced by Johnny Chechitelli & Jimmy Naples, edited by
Johnny Chechitelli, and executive produced by Rick Porrello, Johnny Chechitelli, Jimmy Naples and Vince Guerrieri. It’s a
production of Amazing Podcast Company and is sponsored by Prima Cucina Italiana in downtown Youngstown. Thanks to
Pat Palma for our amazing artwork. © Vice Squad Podcast LLC (2023)

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Episode 2